Talking About Death

Talking about the hard topics

Engaging audiences and talking about the hard things in life with personal stories of resilience and interactive workshops designed to help attendees live authentically.

Topics for Small Groups or Discussions

I cover a variety of topics and we can get creative with the format, choosing what will work best for your specific group and situation.

Invite me to speak to your community group, professional organization, or simply at a gathering of like-minded people about any of the following topics.

Medical Aid in DyingWe’ll cover what it is, who qualifies, what steps need to be taken? The pros and cons of hiring a professional. How to support someone you love who’s chosen this option for a compassionate end of life on their own terms.
Green Burial OptionsWe’ll talk about how climate change concerns are causing a shift in how people are choosing to be buried. The myriad of green burial options available and how to plan your funeral.
Death PositivityThere’s a lot to cover in this topic, but it’s a great chance to destigmatize death. We’ll talk about death anxiety, how avoiding the topic creates more fear, and how death professionals can help.
Social JusticeThese talks are for the global minority (a.k.a. WhytePepl) and we’ll focus on what it means to be social justice forward and why we are the very people who must make the shift.

Death Directives

Designed to help us focus on why we shouldn’t put off medical and advance directives. We’ll detail everything you need to include. Sometimes we make a game out of the process (see below for ideas). Other times, we sit down and in a no-nonsense manner get right to it. We’ll cover:

Living wills
Medical directives
A medical power of attorney
What might happen if your wishes are not recorded


Designed to help us focus on those conversations that need to happen. I’ll offer neutral, non-judgmental guidelines and support each party in feeling seen and heard. We can cover:

Planning for the end of life of a parent
Families with a transitioning member
Death with dignity options including Medical Aid in Dying and Voluntary Stopping Eating and Drinking
Terminal diagnosis discussions
Supporting the caregivers

Trauma Talks

We can curate these talks for specific audiences or occasions. Topics often include:

Community death – loss of a beloved community member (for example, a teacher, a pastor, a coach)
Community violence – discussions about grief after car accidents, shootings, or violence from unhoused community
Long-term illness of a beloved community leader
Loss of a child
Loss of a pet

Workshops and Social Gatherings

The same topics above can be approached in a more interactive and social way depending on your needs. Here are a few ideas for getting your attendees talking about the hard stuff.

Brunch, Lunch, or Dinner PartiesWhether we arrange for catering, join a family Sunday dinner, or throw an outdoor barbecue, I’ll join you prepared to talk about the topic of your choice.

Cocktail, Mocktail, and Tea PartiesThese are generally less formal than a full dinner party, which means they lend themselves to loosely structured games that ease death anxiety.

Game Night – Playing DeadGames are a great way to learn and debunk our fears. They open pathways to clear communication and they’re just fun. Some of the games we can play are Morbid Curiosity, The Death Deck, The Bucket List, Elephant in the Room, and more.

Movie NightOn movie night, I’ll bring over a vocabulary list and some prompt questions for a death-centered movie to spark conversation. We’ll pause the movie at the right moment, process what we’re watching, eat popcorn, and repeat.


When you invite me to give a keynote address, I can talk about any of the topics above. Some keynotes I’ve prepared include these features:

Opening and Closing Intention Invocation
Discussion of Death Positive Movement
Discussion of a Social Justice Informed Global Minority
Death Mindfulness Break
Word Games

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