You Are Not Alone

At some point, we all face loss and hardship. As Your Death Professional, I can help you find a path forward.

I’ll never recommend a resource that I have not experienced firsthand, so this list will be constantly added to.

Movies on Death & Dying

Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey Poster from the 1991 film.

Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey
Hilarious! Watch Bill & Ted negotiate their way back to the land of the living

Poster from the movie Blackbird with Susan Sarandon.

BlackbirdImpactful and emotional film about a family gathering to say goodbye to their Mother prior to her ingesting M.A.I.D. meds.

Poster from one of the Death at a Funeral movies.

Death at a Funeral Two VERY funny movies about the secrets that come out after one dies and the way we see our relatives. Both versions are priceless.

SoulDisney film about one man’s journey through a “purposeful” life.

Harold & MaudeThe original Death Positive film.

CocoDisney film about the rituals of Dia De Los Muertos and how having a continuing relationship with those who have past can inform your future

The Fault in Our Stars
Teens with terminal cancer and the lives they will not get to live. Prepare to weep.

The Family Stone
Holiday film about daily gatherings and processing the emotions that come with life without a loved one.

Documentaries & TV Series about Death & Dying

Last Flight HomeDirected by Ondi Timoran streaming on Paramount+ at time of writing
Academy Award nominated film about the directors fathers end of life process involving Medical Aid In Dying. You will love this family.

Surviving Death SeriesNetflix documentary that explores Death from people still living

When My Time Comes
From the retired NPR talk show host Diane Rehm is the story about her late husband’s battle with Parkinson’s disease and his decision to hasten death. Living in Maryland, his only choice was VSED.

Fictional Books on Death & Dying

Mrs. Death Misses Death book cover.

Mrs. Death Misses DeathWritten by Salena Godden.

This book makes my heart sing. Magical realism and death.

House of Broken Angels book cover.

House of Broken AngelsWritten by Luis Alberto Urrea.

Beautiful view into a Mexican American border family being visited by death.

The Death of Ivan Ilyich book cover.

The Death of Ivan IlyicWritten by Leo Tolstoy.

The O.G.

Waiting for Godot book cover.

Waiting for GodotWritten by Samuel Beckett.

The theatrical version of “Who’s on First.”

Nonfiction Books on Death & Dying

On Death And Dying book cover.

On Death & DyingWritten by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross.

This is where the 5 stages of grief come from.

It’s Ok That You Are Not Ok book cover.

It’s Ok That You Are Not Ok   Written by Megan Divine.

Megan is my favorite grief writer. Something justs hits home about her approach.

The Smell of Rain on Dust- Grief and Praise book cover.

The Smell of Rain on Dust: Grief and PraiseWritten by Martin Prechetel.

Phenomenal exploration of Grief through the eyes of Indigenous Culture.

Undertaken with Love book cover.

Undertaken With Love: A Home Funeral Guide for Families and Community Care GroupsWritten by Holly Stevens.

Do-it-yourself guide to caring for your dead.

The Wild Edge of Sorrow: Rituals of Renewal and the Sacred Work of Grief     
book cover.

The Wild Edge of Sorrow: Rituals of Renewal and the Sacred Work of GriefWritten by Francis Weller.

Just what it sounds like.

Rebellious Mourning- The Collective Work of Grief Edited by Cindy Milstein book cover.

Rebellious Mourning: The Collective Work of Grief  Edited by Cindy Milstein.

This book is about varying forms of grief, not a book on grieving the death of a loved one.

Finding Refuge: Heart Work for Healing Collective Grief  by    Michelle Cassandra Johnson book cover.

Finding Refuge: Heart Work for Healing Collective Grief    
Written by Michelle Cassandra Johnson.

Systemic grief and how it lives with all of us.

Podcasts about Death & Grief

Deathbed Discs Podcast Image

Deathbed Discs – Funeral SongsA podcast that asks people what five songs they want played at their funeral.

The Dying Matters podcast cover

The Dying MattersFrom Hospice UK a podcast that talks to people who aren’t afraid to talk about it.

All There Is with Anderson Cooper podcast cover

All There Is with Anderson CooperA deeply personal look at loss and grief.

Death With Dignity Podcast cover

Death With Dignity Podcast
AMAZING first person account of Medical Aid in Dying STRONGLY RECOMMEND.

The story of a 33 year old man with terminal cancer exploring the physical, social-emotional, and spiritual elements correlated to the Death With Dignity process.

engAGEing Conversations with Sheryl Smith RN podcast cover

engAGEing Conversations with Sheryl Smith RNWith by Sheryl Smith RN.

Honest discussion about end of life planning and choices to help start conversations and change the way society doesn’t talk about death. Our goal is to improve quality of life.

Current Perspectives of Medical Aid in Dying with Dwight Moore

Current Perspectives of Medical Aid in DyingWith Dwight Moore.

Listeners are encouraged to consider whether those of us who live in a democratic and free society, should have the right to legally and ethically choose for ourselves when and how we will exit this life.

Rethinking Death from NPR/TED podcast cover

Rethinking DeathBy NPR/TED

It’s hard to accept that everyone eventually dies. How can we better understand death as a part of life? In this episode, TED speakers contemplate the end of life with wisdom and humor.

Articles about Death Doulas

‘Death Doulas’ Provide Aid at End-of-Lifeby Abby Ellin of The New York Times

Published June 24, 2021
Updated June 25, 2021

How End-of-Life Doulas Help Ease the Final Transitionby Virginia Chang of the Scientific American

Published June 19, 2021

Doulas Are Becoming Part of the End-Of-Life Equationby Hannah Hagemann of NPR.

Heard on Morning Edition January 3, 2020

What Is A Death Doula and What Do They Doby Christina Palmer M.D. and reviewed by Patricia Pinto-Garcia M.D. for GoodRX

Published April 6, 2022

Death Doulas At The Other End of Lifeby Sallie Jiko Tisdale of Tricycle: The Buddhist Review

Published Spring 2021

Dying Can Be A Taboo Topic. Enter the Death Doulaby Sydney Page of the Washington Post

Published January 9, 2023

End-of-Life Doulas are Working to Make Conversations About Death Easierby Sara Wittmeyer
of NPR.
Heard on Morning Edition January 17, 2023

“Death Acceptance Brings Peace”: Are Death Doulas the Cure for Our Fear of the Endby Sarah Ingram
for the Independent News

Published on AOL January 25, 2023

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