Assisted Death

On Your Own Terms

With love and compassion I will advocate for your right to die on your own terms, when you’re ready, if you choose to.

A Compassionate End to Suffering in California

The End of Life Option Act (ELOA) was signed into law in 2015. It allows a terminally ill, mentally capable person with less than six months to live the option to request a prescription they can decide to take to end their suffering and die peacefully in their sleep.

The process for obtaining the prescription is complex and can be puzzling with legal deadlines, waiting periods, and paperwork to be completed. Timing the steps is very important.

In May 2022, I completed the Aid in Dying Training for End-of-Life Doulas and Bedside Attendants by the American Clinicians Academy on Medical Aid in Dying (MAID). Let me tell you how I can be there for you to answer your questions and guide you through the process.

How I can help

For many, simply having access to the medication is reassuring. Some people choose not to take it. MAID is about giving you that option one way or the other and here are the ways I can support you.

Fulfilling the legal requirements and making sure you and your support team are aware of the legal deadlines.
Helping to complete the necessary paperwork and overcome any challenges that show up.
Helping to find medical professionals, including end-stage hospice, doctors, and pharmacists willing to cooperate with your wishes.
Following all protocols such as the timing of the medication, the proper mixing of the medication.
Being with you on the day of ingestion and providing a calming and reassuring presence.
Making sure you and your inner circle understand what is happening during the process of dying.
Making phone calls to the hospice and funeral home following death.
Liberating your family to just be family because they know I’m there to take care of the rest.

The Medial Aid in Dying Process

The process can take from two to four weeks, and I will be available to you both in person and on the phone. It’s important to begin the process early. Remember, being in possession of the EOL medication is not a commitment to taking the EOL medication. It’s about options, choices and bodily autonomy. You can always change your mind. But once the requirement window closes, a MAID prescription can no longer be obtained.

During our initial consultation, we will make sure that you are eligible and review the requirements. This is when we’ll also make sure that we are a good fit and that I can provide the support you need.

The fee for the initial consultation is $250/hour. If we determine I can indeed provide the support you need, we will apply this fee to the total cost of my MAID doula services.

Every case is different. I will give you a detailed bid of services based on what we discovered in our consultation. In general, the total price will fall between $2500 (I am with you day of ingesting to mix the medication and assure the process is followed correctly) and $10,000 (I am with you and your extended family and friends for a year before, during, and after the process).

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