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Your guide.companion.personal advocate.cheerleader.ear.rock.

I’m a death doula. I provide support and guidance to you and your family to help plan for and ease the process of dying.

There will be no platitudes, plenty of gratitude, and a great attitude.

What is a death doula?

We death doulas go by many names: death midwife, end-of-life navigator, soul doula, grief doula, funeral celebrant, death coach, thanadoula (it’s a word, trust me).

We’re not medical professionals or lawyers, though we can help you talk to your health care providers and get your paperwork in order.

We’ve been around since the dawn of time. But this is a relatively new trend in the United States, one many people have never heard of.

Click here to learn what a death doula is and does.

Tolley Casparis, your death doula, at Versailles in France.

Let’s talk about death and dying

I’m a trained death doula and I’m here to offer you the rare chance to talk about death… and dying. Welcome to Your Death Professional.

But first, you should know the goal of talking about death is actually LIVING.

Being a death doula is about creating that sacred safe space where we can take risks. A place where we are free to ignore the rigid rules that tell us how to act and what to do. My goal is to provide you with the tools and support to allow you to be present in the most difficult of circumstances. 

To do your best when you feel your worst, whatever that looks like.

For me, this is a calling.

Doula Offerings

How can I help you?

Doula Services

Guidance and companionship during a time of uncertainty.

I’ll hold space for whatever you are experiencing. I’ll validate, support, and guide you through your process. I’ll be here for you.

Do you want help with planning your death? Need information about difficult choices? Seek relief for a primary caregiver? Want to look into green burial options? Need help planning your funeral? Want grief support for a recent loss? There are a myriad ways I can be here for you.

Assisted Death

Practical and hands-on support for the dying and their loved ones.

I’m trained to offer medical aid in dying. I know what is required, what the deadlines are, which doctors and hospices can assist. I’m located in California where patients have the right to a compassionate end of life.

I can also help with other compassionate choices such as death with dignity and voluntary stopping eating and drinking.

With love and thoughtfulness, I will advocate for your right to die on your own terms if you choose to.

Talking about Death

Whether for a small group of friends, a community event, a close-knit family gathering, or a keynote address, clients hire me to talk about the hard things.

  • death positivity
  • green burial options
  • medical aid in dying (MAID)
  • advance directives
  • grief and trauma
  • social justice

Explore the creative options and find what’s right for you.

My mother recently passed away, but the last few months were made much easier because of Tolley. She was indispensable during this tough time.

She was an amazing coordinator in everything. From creating a room that was a medical necessity for my mom. To helping out with family matters when tempers flare, as they will do.

There are a million things to do during this terrible time, most of which we will never think of. Well, Tolley does. With all the doctors’ appointments, medications, special diets, home care, etc, it’s nice to know that there is someone there who will make sure things don’t get missed

Tolley made awful time much more bearable.


Loving Son

Still not sure this is for you?

I know. This is hard. It’s hard to talk about the inevitability of death. And let’s face it. Sometimes it’s much easier to push it aside and hope for the best.

But whether you want guidance on planning your own death, need support for a loved one with a terminal illness, or are at the doorstep of the final transition already, here’s how I can help. I will:

  • advocate for your wishes with health care providers and family
  • ease your fear and anxiety about dying
  • help out with any uncertainty about end-of-life decisions
  • clear up any confusion about funeral planning and legacy preparation
  • accompany you when you’re lonely, or feeling isolated

You can find a list of questions to ask a death doula before hiring and loads of other helpful information in my article, What Is a Death Doula?

And you can read more about me and my approach to end-of-life care on my About page.

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